SMOSH Home, Alloy Digital, Makes $30 Million in Finance Deal — Somebody, Buy Me A Jet Ski


Did you make $30 million today? No? Well, Alloy Digital, home to SMOSH, Kingsley and Kurt Hugo Schneider did, so you’ve got your work cut out for you if you want to be a big wheel in the YouTube game.

Alloy, in a round of Series A financing, received an investment of $30 million from ABS Capital Partners sheerly for being a “leading next generation media company for the 12-34 demographic and a top-10 video network.” And did I mention that they partner with SMOSH, the most subscribed channel on YouTube? Clearly Alloy is doing some serious forward thinking.Via a press release on Alloy Digital’s site, CEO Matt Diamond stated, “This funding will allow us to rapidly accelerate future growth by adding complementary, relevant properties and talent appealing to the tastes and shifting consumption behaviors of P12-34 digital consumers. In just one year, we have built a solid foundation through the acquisition of best-in-class properties that have solidified Alloy Digital as the top digital media and advertising network for this demographic and propelled our owned properties to be among the most watched on YouTube.”


All Things D, a fantastic site that NMR totally recommends, points out that last year, Maker and Machinima raised big money ($36 and $35 million, respectively) in their fundraising efforts, with both companies valued in the $200 million range. While neither Alloy nor ABS would comment, sources speculate that this valuation could be for even more $$$.

Even NMR friend Kingsley had a thought on the matter:

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with the money — they are an amazing resource, and this can only mean bigger and better things for everyone affiliated with them.”

Why did I spend so much time bullying kids out of their lunch money to spend on low-grade narcotics instead of starting YouTube companies? Dammit!

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