Social Media Guru Brendan Gahan Joins Fullscreen As VP of Brand Strategy [INTERVIEW]


Social media strategist and NMR friend Brendan Gahan has joined Fullscreen as their vice president of brand strategy.

Fullscreen is the largest independent network on YouTube according to ComScore, with more than 100 million subscribers and 5,000 YouTube partners. Some of the talent featured on Fullscreen’s channels include NMR friends Michael Buckley, Megan Nicole, David So and Sam Tsui.

Gahan, as VP of brand strategy, will be responsible for planning the company’s YouTube programming strategy and video optimization throughout the many brands and channels under Fullscreen’s wing.

Fullscreen COO Ezra Cooperstein said in a statement that Gahan is “truly an expert” in online video content and is excited about what he can do for Fullscreen and their clients. Cooperstein added: “He has an impressive track record of pushing the boundaries of viral video marketing with enormous success. We’re very excited to have him join Fullscreen and elevate our clients’ content and distribution strategies on YouTube.”


Before Fullscreen, Gahan worked at Mekanism as their social media director. In his role, he was responsible for prominent marketing campaigns for companies like Doritos and Lipton Brisk.

When asked in his NMR interview last year about the best way of making content specific to the demographic, Gahan said: “The way that works, basically, is to figure out what makes this target demographic tick, and we make sure that we come up with a strategic insight, essentially a big idea that every piece of content can ladder up to that’s relevant to the client, the campaign and the target demographic. What you don’t want to do is basically do just random content for the sake of doing content when you’re doing a campaign.”

NMR caught up with Gahan recently to talk about his upcoming role and what he will bring to Fullscreen as their new vice president of brand strategy.

How are you going to apply your accomplishments at Mekanism to your new position at Fullscreen?

Brendan Gahan: The Fullscreen team is already amazing and filled with the the top online video strategists out there, providing the very best YouTube strategy, analytics and implementation available. I’m looking forward to supporting them by applying my experience in earned, owned and paid media strategies to ensure we’ve got a holistic view of the online video world. Overall, I want to make sure we continue to provide the best services possible for the brands we work with.

What attracted you to the position at Fullscreen specifically? Why not other networks?

Fullscreen is the largest multi-channel — and one of the youngest. I attribute this to the amazing leadership they have in place. I’ve known George and Ezra for several years and they’re incredibly smart and savvy guys with a clear vision. I am extremely honored that they asked me to join the team. I came on board for the opportunity to work with them and the team of talent they’ve cultivated.

What goals are you trying to accomplish as vice president of brand strategy?

We as a company are setting the standard for online video marketing, and we want to continue to innovate. Ultimately, the end goal is to continue to provide the very best online video campaigns for brands.

How will your strategy set Fullscreen apart from all the other competing networks?

Fullscreen is a very data-centric organization. With the volume of content we’re tracking as well as our holistic approach (premium services, proprietary YouTube tools and analytics, talent integrations, media buying, etc), we’re best positioned to service brands at a level they can’t achieve elsewhere.

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