‘Sometimes I Think It Would Be Easier If We Were All Lesbians’: Kids Bring Dating Real Talk In Viral Video

Ladies, let’s be honest: It ain’t easy out there in the dating world. Between the “friend zoning” and game playing and mixed messages, sometimes you just want to throw up your hands and say, “Enough!” But luckily for all of the single ladies out there, matchmaker Matthew Hussey has created the video “Get The Guy: Kids Talk Dating Problems” to make your love life a little more bearable.

A matchmaker on NBC’s new relationship show “Ready For Love,” Matthew previously worked as a motivational speaker and life coach before he began dabbling in the art of love. To promote his new book, Hussey created the video “Get The Guy: Kids Talk Dating Problems,” which puts a hilarious spin on the conversations adults have about their love lives. The video captures the love lives of three first grade girls sitting around the reading carpet asking the question women have been asking for centuries: How do I know if a guy is even into me? And through their gossip about their love lives, these three little ladies will really put yours in perspective for you — a little gift of YouTube magic just for you.

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