Spanish Bullfighting Fans Seeing Red After YouTube Shuts Down Gory Channels


Bullfighting enthusiasts in Spain are seeing red after YouTube pulled the plug on channels dedicated to the country’s traditional, and sometimes bloody, sport.

The Daily Telegraph reported that YouTube has removed the channels because they violated the site’s Community Guidelines. Some of the guidelines warn users not to “post videos showing bad stuff like animal abuse, drug abuse, under-age drinking and smoking, or bomb making” as well as videos showing “graphic or gratuitous violence.” Since bullfighting videos on YouTube sometimes involve harming bulls as well as matadors getting gored by bulls, these videos would violate the Community Guidelines.

Spanish bullfighting supporters have taken to Twitter and other social media denouncing the move, saying that the ban was “shameful” and “a lack of respect for a much loved tradition.” Supporters are currently circulating a petition on asking YouTube to reverse its decision.

Despite YouTube’s removal of bullfighting channels and violent videos, users can still find a selection of graphic videos from various sources on YouTube by doing a quick search for “gory bullfighting.”

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