‘Spring Breakers’ Gets the Disney Princess Makeover from CollegeHumor [VIDEO]



Ah, what better way to begin Hump Day than with Disney Princesses doing bad, bad things?

Those wits at CollegeHumor are totally unbalancing the playing field with their sharp and incisive video spoofs. Recently they skewered Instagram and Tumblr, now they are putting their comedy cattle prod up the collective ass of the Mouse House.

This movie trailer dares to speculate “What if the movie ‘Spring Breakers’ revolved around the various Disney Princesses?” With the Genie acting more like Jafar, the blue man leads the princesses down a road of drugs, sex and, well, magic wishes. I’ve never wanted a funny concept to be so real in my life. If Disney actually made a hard R (or NC-17) version of this film, my 11-year-old self would completely finance this production — something to think about, Robert Iger.

Anytime NMR has the option to cover Disney princesses doing “non-Disney” stuff, I am so for it (witness here and here) — it actually borders on something perhaps bigger and more psychological than I maybe initially realized. The phrase “violently psychosexual narcissism” actually comes to mind. Does it mean I’m going to stop writing articles about Disney Princesses? Not a chance.

Funny videos are funny. If you need more proof, here you go.

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