‘Stop Acting Like Sluts’ is This Week’s Early Viral Video Contender [VIDEO]



This video tears at my soul, dividing me between my love of “sluts” and my hatred of “annoying people.”

At a McDonald’s in Innaloo, Western Australia (a suburb of Perth, don’t ya know [this is to be said, inexplicably, with a “Fargo” accent]), a couple of young women in tight dresses are giggling, throwing food, climbing on the counter, generally just being obnoxious (and, likely, very drunk), when a man, presumably the manager, puts a proper end to it.

With the battle cry of “Oy! Behave yourself,” he then proceeds to launch into a tirade where he demands that the girls “stop acting like sluts” and that they “clean this shit up” (he means the thrown food here — actual shit would have been epic though). Foolishly, another girl tries to be the drunken voice of reason, but the man(ager) keeps her in check as well. Silly drunk, logic is for badasses.

It will be interesting to see if McDonald’s fires or promotes this guy for laying down the law … if they fire him, I hear there is a Pope job available ….    

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