StyleHaul CEO & Principal At BDMI Speak On Recent $6.5mm Investment into StyleHaul


If there is one thing I know, it’s that I don’t know anything about beauty. Literally nothing. It’s not that I haven’t tried learning — my roommates in college attempted numerous times to sit me down and doll me up, but after an hour of beauty talk, I was more lost than a panda bear in Antarctica. And to help the more beauty and style-challenged individuals like myself, the Gods of YouTube saw our sad attempts to use liquid eyeliner and turned us in the direction of StyleHaul, a network to answer all questions beauty and fashion.

Started in 2010, StyleHaul has quickly grown to become YouTube’s largest video content creator within the field of fashion and beauty, featuring over 200 thousand video uploads in just two years. And it’s going to continue to grow: the network announced this week that they have just received $6.5 million dollar investment from BDMI Bertelsmann Digital, a corporate venture fund that recently expanded from television broadcasting into financing the development of digital media networks. StyleHaul CEO and Co-Founder Stephanie Horbaczewski spoke to NMR and said of the investment:

“We’re definitely going to be able to get more out of StyleHaul and build more platform opportunities. We love YouTube but having the website we’re building right now will afford us the opportunity to do more with the content and give users more ways to engage with it.”

Sim Blaustein, a principal at BDMI, shared with NMR his company’s desire to bridge the gap between traditional and social media: “I think traditional media becomes more social, and I think social media becomes more traditional. The quality and the production value of what gets produced and distributed on platforms like YouTube gets better and better. I think you’re seeing that today with traditional broadcasters that have embraced Twitter, have embraced YouTube, have embraced Facebook. And at the same time as you look at some of the channels where they start investing in better production value and it becomes harder and harder to distinguish between what’s a traditional television personality with what is a YouTube star.”

With the funds and support from BDMI, StyleHaul, whose programs are currently available in 37 countries, is looking to continue working with creators from different cultures all around the world. BDMI’s investment into the YouTube space follows other recent investments into new media companies such as The Chernin Group’s stake in the Base 79 Network and Time Warner’s $36 million investment into Maker Studios.

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