Summary Of ‘Everything Wrong With Skyfall in 4 Minutes’ Video: Bond, You Suck

It is no well kept secret that Bond fans felt that the movie “Skyfall” fell short of their expectations (God it feels good when I can start off my morning with a really bad pun). And even I, probably one of the most die hard James Bond fans you will ever meet, will admit that the movie had some unexplainable and ridiculous moments. For example, how does Bond survive after being shot in the chest and then falling 200 feet into shallow water? All food for thought. And should you be one of those obnoxious people rambling on in the theater about how “unrealistic” this movie is, this YouTube video “Everything Wrong With Skyfall in 4 Minutes or Less” is right up your alley.

But in the movie’s defense, when have Bond movies ever really made sense? Of all the Bond movies, this was probably the most realistic of them all. In “Die Another Day,” Pierce Brosnan has a high speed chase through an ice castle that is melting because of a giant laser beam. In “A Spy Who Loved Me,” we are lead to believe that the villain is killing people with angry sharks.  In “Goldfinger,” Bond somehow manages to fight Goldfinger in a plane that has a hole in it’s side. And throughout it all, James Bond didn’t pick up a single deadly STD from his sexual adventures. Of course it’s ridiculous! But what can we say — we love it.

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