Suspected Drug Dealer’s YouTube Rap Video Leads to His Arrest

Alabama rappers Christopher Dewayne Taylor (aka Prep Boi Fresh) and Ben Gutta break it down for viewers in their latest YouTube video that “this is not for the radio, strictly for the streets.” They were right — the music video features Taylor and Ben Gutta touting and selling their crack, marijuana and heroin supplies, all packaged in a Southern-style rap beat.

But, it seems that Taylor gave too much information in his music video for the cops to handle, and he is currently behind bars. The website reports that sheriff’s deputies in Jefferson County, Alabama had been trying to identify the suspected drug dealer, but a deputy found the aspiring rapper’s YouTube video and tied him to the drug dealing in the area. Now Taylor is charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance as well as with numerous charges including obstruction of justice and various drug offenses.

It’s probably safe to say that Taylor won’t be receiving money from his YouTube partnership anytime soon.

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