The ‘Worst Death Scene Ever’ Could Have Been Even Worse [VIDEO]

Last year, a video on YouTube featuring an obscure Turkish film called “Karate Girl” went viral because of a scene that was dubbed around the world as the “Worst Death Scene Ever.” The scene features a man getting shot in slow motion by a pretty blonde and then hilariously screaming in agony over and over and over again.

Apparently, the guys from Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles have proof that the “Worst Death Scene Ever” could have been a lot worse. Watch as they spoof outtakes of what could have been a more disastrous and unintentionally hilarious movie had the director added it to the final cut. These scenes have even more screaming and shooting, but instead of the bad guy getting shot in the bedroom over and over again, he gets shot in the laundry, the kitchen and in his car.

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