Top 5 YouTube Sidekicks Who Deserve to Star in Their Own Shows

Since the dawn of time, sidekicks have gotten the short end of the stick. Tonto, Barney Rubble, Doctor John Watson, Robin — all great men cast into the shadows of their slightly buffer, slightly more handsome partners. Well, I say no more!

No more should Pluto just wait at home while Mickey Mouse is out clubbing with Goofy or should Ron and Hermione have to put up with all of Harry Potter’s baggage! It’s 2013, sidekicks — time for you to find your own fame and glory! And in the spirit of sidekick liberation, I have created a list of the top 5 YouTube sidekicks who deserve to have their own YouTube shows. From Jenna Marble’s dogs to KevJumba’s dad, the time has come for these supporting actors to put their full talent on display. And should they win an Oscar for Best Actor/ Actress/ Animal in the coming future, don’t forget you heard it here first!

5. Kev Jumba’s Dad

There is truly nothing better than watching a dad get down with the hip hop beat. You’ve got sweet moves, Mr. Wu — don’t drop the beat, my friend. Mr. Wu — the man I would deem the ultimate sidekick to his son KevJumba — has been a good sport about everything: rapping, setting up his son on blind dates, sporting a speedo for the sake of a YouTube video. And now that Kevin’s grown up and left the nest, Mr. Wu, I believe it is your time to shine!

4. Wong Fu’s Chris Dinh

Wait, this guy doesn’t have his own YouTube channel? Nope, he’s just a sidekick. It is shocking to find that the major funny man behind many of the Wong Fu films is one of the last few entertainers who doesn’t have a YouTube channel under his name. And while I want this article to empower all sidekicks to reclaim their rights to act and write for themselves, Chris brings a great chemistry to the Wong Fu group. So on second thought, Chris, don’t read that empowering speech — we’d prefer you to just keep doing what you’re doing.

3. Shay Carl’s Children

Let’s see, how many kids is Shay Carl up to now? We got Sontard, that Princesstard girl, the Babytard and then Rocktard. Having grown up with the YouTube world watching, these kids are no strangers to having a camera follow their every move. And with a dad who has a couple of channels and a mum that has her own YouTube network, it seems only natural for these kids to strap a webcam to their heads and begin filming the world from their tiny points of view! So take it away, kids, and please lose the Tard names.

2. “Life According To Jimmy’s” Christian Pierce

During my past interview with Jimmy Tatro, as we sat together next to a keyboard player who played “My Heart Will Go On” on repeat, Jimmy shared with me that without his writer/ director Christian Pierce, his channel would have never been as successful as it is today. As Jimmy put it: “Christian is the ‘Life According’ and I’m ‘Jimmy.’” Christian Pierce is no stranger to hamming it up for the camera after years of acting alongside Jimmy in the majority of his videos. While he is a great sidekick, I’m curious to see what Christian could do on his own. I don’t think it would be a hard transition; I mean, “Life According to Christian” does have a nice ring to it.

1. Jenna Marble’s Dogs

Sidekicks Mr. Marbles and Kermit have always supported Jenna Marbles in her work on YouTube. Despite being forced to wear ridiculous sweaters and being continuously annoyed by Jenna in every way possible, these two pups keep their heads held high and remain dedicated to their supporting roles on her channel. With hundreds of video appearances under their belts, the pups  have managed to not let fame go to their heads. My advice to the pups come 2014: Ditch the crazy blonde, she’s bad for your image!

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