Toyota Recruits Ryan Higa For YouTube Commercial With K-Pop Star Hyuna [VIDEO]

Although YouTuber Ryan Higa lost more than 100 million views last week, at least he’s still winning in endorsement deals.

Mnet America, a television network that focuses on Asian pop culture as well as K-Pop, said that Toyota has recruited him along with a few other YouTubers to try out their app promoting the Toyota Corolla featuring singer Hyuna and her song “My Color.” For those not familiar with Hyuna, she’s best known as PSY’s love interest in last year’s viral hit video “Gangnam Style.”

While Higa isn’t actually part of dance and singing routine, he does make a couple of brief appearances thanks to Toyota’s app which lets anyone add their own clips to the short music video.

After Mnet America posted Higa’s rendition of “My Color,” he tweeted: “Thanks to @MNETLA I’m finally a kpop star.. you’d say I’m the star of this video right? Lol”

Check out Higa touting the Toyota Corolla in the video above.

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