Tumblr Quietly Hits The 100 Million Blog Mark


Tumblr quietly hit the 100 million blog mark Tuesday, less than a year after reaching the 50 million blog mark.

The website The Next Web had carefully noticed the ticker and reported the news. Currently, the image-heavy microblogging platform boasts more than 44.6 billion posts ranging from angry cat GIFs to the latest goat memes. On average, about 80.2 million new posts are published every day.

In less than a year, Tumblr has doubled its user base and also doubled the number of blog posts. Although it still doesn’t beat rival Twitter’s over 200 million users and 400 million tweets daily, Tumblr is hugely popular with teenagers and young adults according to a survey published in January. The survey pointed out that around 61 percent of teenagers and 57 percent of young adults like Tumblr, overtaking the 22 percent of teenagers and 17 percent of young adults who like Twitter.

Congratulations, Tumblr, on reaching the 100 million blog mark. May the cat GIFs keep coming!