Twitter Adds Line Breaks To Tweets, Unveils New Windows 8 App


Twitter has just introduced line breaks so that users can separate their tweets into paragraphs if needed. This also means that if you want to retell that conversation with the police officer who pulled you over for those pesky brake lights, you can do so without sacrificing characters for space.

Currently, the line breaks feature is available on Twitter’s web platform and in the company’s mobile apps. TweetDeck and third-party apps do not yet have the capability.

While this means that haiku-loving Twitter lovers will no longer need to use the “/” symbol to space their stanzas, those who enjoy the standard Twitter experience will now have to face a horde of creative and annoying space hoggers. Twitter user Gus Silber said it best in this tweet using the line breaks:


Besides the line breaks, Twitter has also introduced their app for the Windows 8 operating system. Users can keep up with their Twitter conservations while surfing the web or watching videos thanks to the dedicated app. The app will work on all laptops, desktops and tablet devices that use Windows 8.

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