Twitter Pulls The Plug On TweetDeck’s Mobile Apps, Facebook Integration


Twitter is pulling the plug on the TweetDeck’s mobile and desktop apps to concentrate their efforts on their web and Chrome apps, TweetDeck announced today in a blog post.

TweetDeck, which was acquired by Twitter in 2011, also announced that it is cutting off Facebook integration, in line with Twitter’s current policy of taking more control over its application programming interface.

The company wrote in the blog post that many of TweetDeck’s “power-users” are flocking towards the platform’s web experience and that the Twitter app was the preferred choice of mobile users.

The blog post said: “We think these web and Chrome apps provide the best TweetDeck experience yet, and that they are the apps in which you’ll want to see us add new capabilities first, followed closely by our Mac and PC apps.”

They added: “This trend coincides with an increased investment in Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android – adding photo filters and other editing capabilities, revamping user profiles and enhancing search.”

TweetDeck will no longer be available on iTunes and the Google Play stores in early May, and they will also cut off Facebook support around that time.

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