Twonky App Lets You Watch YouTube Videos on Roku


Video-streaming platform Roku may have more than 700 channels available, but the one thing they don’t have is a YouTube channel or app. Roku blames YouTube for refusing to build a YouTube-specific app, and as a result, many developers have tried and failed to successfully build YouTube apps for the platform.

Fortunately, Roku users don’t have to switch to Apple TV or Google TV to get their YouTube fix. CNet reports that the Twonky app on Roku and iOS and Android tablets and phones lets you stream YouTube videos using your mobile device. Since the app is private because Roku has yet to approve it, you will need to go on Roku to “Add Channel” and type in mytwonky.

Once you’ve added Twonky to your list of channels and downloaded the app to your smartphone or tablet, make sure that both Roku and your app are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then launch the Twonky Beam app and swipe left to the beam panel, where you select Roku Video Player from the Display Device option. After you’ve selected Roku Video Player, remember to swipe left and select YouTube from the many sources available on the main menu of Twonky. Now you can watch YouTube on your Roku device.

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