UK Internet Users Spend 203 Million Hours A Month Watching YouTube


British internet users make a billion visits a month to various video sites like YouTube — which accounts for 5 percent of all internet video usage, according to a report by Experian.

Data from the report also shows that UK internet users spent 323 million hours a month watching online video content, up 25 percent from last year when they watched 223 million hours a month. Most Britons who watch online video content spend their time on YouTube, and their numbers helped the UK become YouTube’s largest overseas market (with over 33 billion views for the top 100 channels), according to a recent report by ChannelMeter.

The Experian study also pointed out that Britons watched 203 million hours of YouTube content a month with users averaging 20 minutes a day. More Britons are also visiting YouTube via mobile devices, with one in 5 users watching content from their mobile phones and tablets.

With that in mind, the rest of the top 10 YouTube countries have a lot of catching up to do before beating UK out of the second spot.

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