Urban Wingsuiting is Now A Thing — Crazy, Meet Dangerous [VIDEO]



I love when you see something that is insanely dangerous anyhow — like, say, wearing a nylon suit that allows you to glide above the ground like the majestic flying squirrel, and then you compound the insanity by adding obstacles … such as skyscrapers.

In a video that will make you feel like you are going to watch someone die, these two wingsuiters (wingsuitists?) ride out over the cityscape of Rio De Janeiro in these chintzy little gliders and then dive off. I would be shitting my pants just over the glider ride (they’re really like lawnmowers strapped to a kite), so maybe the guys jumping off with the parachutes are the smart ones? But then you see the ground and several big buildings approaching through a helmet-mounted Gopro and you pretty much start screaming at your computer screen, “Idiots! You’re all idiots!” But man, you also feel alive! Maybe the most alive you’ve ever felt in your whole wretched life ….

Since I can’t afford all the shit I need to be a successful urban wingsuiter (wingsuitee?), I think I’m just going to start smoking PCP. Drugs, kids. You can get high without ever leaving the ground (Jeff itches invisible bug).

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