Usher at Detroit Pistons Game Goes Viral Over ‘Dance Cam’ Vid



So the most talented person at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit (where the Detroit Pistons play) might just be this guy …

The “Dance Cam,” blaring out Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” went in search of some awesome breakers and movers, poppers and lockers, shufflers and groovers during a recent Pistons game, and they found the usual rabble of losers — including the doofy kid doing the “Saturday Night Fever” point, the cute overly animated chubby girl and the weirdo actually dressed up like Michael Jackson.

My money was on the Michael Jackson guy to be the star here, but he might have actually just coincidentally been dressed EXACTLY like Michael Jackson, because the real dancing phenom is the usher up in the stands.

Initially the camera focuses on him, trying to goad him into something, and then it returns to him and lingers … daring him to ignore its gaze. And, finally, this dude just unloads something fierce.

Now the internet is paying respect by giving the vid mad views on YouTube. So you’d better watch to find out what all the fuss is about. And if anyone knows that girl at the very beginning, tell her Jeff says, “What’s up?”

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