Vimeo Presents Three Tricks For Overcoming Your Small Video Crew [VIDEO]

Want to create a scene with multiple people in the background but you don’t have the resources and the crew to make it possible? A tight budget and a small film crew shouldn’t stop you from making your video.

In a blog post, Vimeo wrote that they teamed up with Texas-based Neko Neko Films to help teach aspiring content creators three simple tricks that would help make their films seem like it was created with the help of multiple crew members.

Swipe Cut


How do you connect two different shots into one sequence without making it look terribly edited and shot? The swipe cut has been used by filmmakers for years — to make it work for your two-man crew, all you have to do is shoot two different shots while quickly panning back. During editing, find a blurred shot that works and splice it in between the two shots to create a seamless transition.

Split Screen


Getting extras in your film may be hard to come by, so how do you make it look like you have multiple people in the shot? The split screen technique makes this possible by making multiple shots and editing them in the final product. To achieve this effect as shown in Vimeo’s tutorial video, they set the camera on manual mode while one actor is in the center of the frame, then filmed a scene with two actors on the left side of the frame and finally filmed the same actors on the right side of the frame. With a video editor, you can combine the three shots using a “crop” tool. Now you’ve got your scene that looks like it’s been shot in one take.

Smartphone Audio


Using a smartphone or app as a microphone for your film can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. When recording audio on your smartphone, make sure it’s as close to the actor as possible — having it in the actor’s front pocket for example. This trick also works when you need sound from an actor who’s far away, so make sure to modulate the actor’s voice so that it sounds distant.. Once you’ve started editing, make sure the two audio recordings are synced into the film.

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