Vimeo Unveils Pay-To-View Service At SXSW, Users Now Allowed To Set Their Own Price


Great news, starving Vimeo creators. As part of the video-sharing site’s continual effort to attract filmmakers, Vimeo has unveiled a new pay-to-view service at SXSW and at their official blog. Vimeo On Demand will allow users to sell access to their videos, taking a 90% cut with the additional 10% going back to Vimeo.

The ability to charge for your Vimeo content is given to anyone with a Pro account, which will run users $199 annually. Pro users can set any price they want for their content as well as designate where they would like the content to be available and the overall design of the page surrounding it.

This is yet another step Vimeo is taking towards bringing dedicated filmmakers over to them. By introducing an annual Pro fee, Vimeo is separating content creators who are serious about their work from those posting casually.


Oversaturation of content has always been a problem for aspiring YouTube creators as the allure of striking it rich is ever present at the Google-owned site.

Vimeo seems to be solving that issue by placing a fiscal barrier between people who want to post, but are not looking to profit and those who believe their work is of financial value.

The video-sharing site launched Vimeo On Demand with Don Hertzfeldt’s “It’s Such a Beautiful Day,” which can be rented for $2 and bought for $6.

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