Viral ‘Follow Me’ Instagram Features Travel Snaps of Girlfriend Leading The Way


Photographer Murad Osmann’s Instagram account featuring photos of his adventures is taking the world by storm. What makes it stand out from the rest is that his gorgeous girlfriend is literally guiding the way in many of his photos.

His series “Follow Me” has gone viral with more than 55,000 followers and 170 photos so far. It features girlfriend Nataly Zakharova grabbing his hand and leading him many breathtaking locations around the world. You never see her face when she guides him to interesting locales like Moscow, Barcelona, Hong Kong and Singapore. Along the way, Zakharova wears a variety of outfits ranging from swimsuits to evening dresses.

Not all of the “Follow Me” photos feature Zakharova leading Osmann to iconic tourist destinations; some of his photos feature Osmann and Zakharova sharing some kisses and other intimate moments like Zakharova leading her boyfriend to a bowling alley.

The idea started in October 2011 when Osmann began his photography career. He told the Daily Mail that on a trip to Barcelona, his girlfriend got annoyed that he was photographing every landmark. She grabbed his hand just started pulling forward.

He added: “It didn’t stop me from doing photos while she was pulling me. So that’s how it all started.”