Viral ‘Public Shaming’ Tumblr Punishes Internet A**Holes For Ignorant, Hateful Tweets

In a day and age when internet trolls use the anonymity of their usernames to say any racist, misogynistic and ignorant comment that comes to their mind, there are few ways to make people accountable for what they are putting online. With public hangings being frowned upon, our crafty internet generation has come up with their own means of punishing the wicked.


Well, you can’t hide behind your screen names anymore, assholes! The “Public Shaming” Tumblr, started by Matt Binder, a producer for the political internet talk show “Majority Report,” collects screenshots of people’s ignorant and hateful tweets and shares them for the internet world to see. Originally, Binder would simply retweet what he found on Twitter but soon after discovered that the person would delete the offensive tweets after people started commenting on them. Not about to let evil tweeters wipe their conscience clean with one click of the “delete” button, Binder established the “Public Shaming” Tumblr so that each offending tweet could never be erased.

The Tumblr has been working overtime following the verdict of the Steubenville rape case and has captured numerous slut-shaming and victim-blaming comments from around Twitter. It’s tweets like “Shouldn’t they charge the little slut for underage drinking?” and “Maybe if you don’t want to get raped, don’t get black out drunk,” that make me simultaneously furious and sad for humanity. How could people think this way? Sadly, I don’t have an answer or remedy for this kind of ignorance.




While it seems improbable that these Twitter users would care what people thought about their tweets, the Tumblr is opening up a space for people of opposing views to converse with, or attack, one another on hot issues. Who knows, maybe after a little public judgement these internet trolls will learn a thing or two. Or they might fall victim to a pipe bomb being delivered to their homes. The outcome is kind of a toss-up.

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