Wealth Inequality in America is Evil — Here’s Viral Video Proof



I think it’s just about time to pull out the hoodie and the gas mask. We maybe need to start thinking riot.

After watching this video on wealth inequality, if your blood doesn’t boil, you might just be part of the problem. That problem, in addition to the super wealthy, btw, is also the poor fools who think that they are destined to one day “strike it rich” and so they protect the “wealthy interest” because they think they are just one brilliant idea away from hobnobbing with Mark Zuckerberg. Actually, statistically, you probably have better odds with a lotto ticket than you do at becoming the next global business tycoon.

Admittedly, I am not great with charts or statistics, so when presented with bar graphs from the original research study done in 2011, I just kind of stared at them. They looked bad, but they didn’t resonate. Fortunately, a YouTuber with the handle “Politizane” saw through the pretty colors to the harrowing numbers beneath. And he made a great video to explain it to chumps like me. And now I am angry too. And you, unless you are hobnobbing with Mark Zuckerberg, should be angry too.

The real question is, who’s going to throw the first stone?

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