Yahoo In Talks To Buy Majority Stake Of Video-Sharing Site Dailymotion

In November of last year, France-based video site Dailymotion announced that they were seeking U.S. investors to begin positioning themselves to become a YouTube competitor. As it stands now, although popular, Dailymotion sits on the fringe of digital video with the types of NSFW video content not commonly found on Vimeo or YouTube.

At the time, CEO Cedric Tournay told Fox Business, “The next step for us is to find a new partner in the U.S.”

The Wall Street Journal reported recently that Yahoo Inc. is now in talks with Dailymotion to buy a majority stake of the company. While no hard numbers have been released, last year it was reported that Dailymotion was looking to sell off over 50% of the company.

The deal, as reported by WSJ, would value the video-sharing site at $300 million. If majority stake of Dailymotion were bought by Yahoo, it would put the video site closer to taking down long-time video-sharing king YouTube — Yahoo has deep pockets and endless technological resources. Partnering with one another, Dailymotion and Yahoo could potentially give Google and YouTube a run for their money.


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