YouNow ‘Acquires’ BlogTV For Its Users, Technology


BlogTV just got owned … literally.

In the sort of news that explodes like a cannon shot onto the social media landscape, those forward thinkers at YouNow just scooped up super-blogging network BlogTV in an absolute honey of a deal for all parties involved.YouNow, the self-proclaimed “fast-growing live social network” has immediate (March 27th) plans to assimilate (hmm, that makes it seem sort of evil) BlogTV’s 4 million users into their network and just keep that party train a-runnin’.  Fear not though BlogTV bloggers, you will be able to sync your accounts seamlessly utilizing Facebook (including your past vlogs), so there won’t be any of that awkward transitional stuff that screws up so many other mergers (and marriages — sigh). And, Oren Levy, the founder and CEO of BlogTV will stay on as a “consultant” so nobody should go home angry.

In addition to adding an enormous base of users, YouNow will also be adapting some of BlogTV’s award-winning blog-from-anywhere technology into their platform. Like the mighty Voltron, smaller parts are combining to make one hell of a mechanized warrior (read: media company).

People seem to like quotes. They make “news” that much more “official.” And in keeping with that sort of rationale, here is a generically pleasant quote from YouNow’s CEO, Adi Sideman, that sort of summarizes the whole affair:

“We are excited to join forces with the experienced BlogTV staff. We are committed to serving our new BlogTV users as best as we can and welcome them into our joint community. Our business is to connect people, and provide an audience to anyone who wishes to broadcast. With the addition of the BlogTV community, our ability to do just that has significantly increased.”


While no hard numbers have yet been disclosed, we fully expect to be seeing Mr. Levy exploding a “superyacht” full of gold bullion and Fabergé eggs just because he likely now can. And to think, when YouNow offered to buy my blogging network, I never called them back. Damnit.

Additionally, if you feel like you need to rant or ask additional questions (I don’t know why you would though, this damn article is pretty comprehensive) Oren Levy and Adi Sideman will be hosting a live stream to fill in the blanks on Thursday (3/14) from 6-7pm EST (click on their names). Be there or be … at my house drinking it up with a couple go-go dancers from the “Pretty Kitty.” Should be a badass time, call Steve for directions …

And if you BlogTV bloggers still don’t get how to make the changeover, here is a sweet little visual aid that should clear everything up: