YouTube Closes Beta Testing On New Channel Design, Now Open To The Public


We kicked and screamed, signed petitions and pleaded with Google, but really we knew it would do no good. YouTube has officially closed beta testing for the new channel design, now known as “One Channel,” and opened up the new layout for all willing participants.

The announcement video featuring preeminent YouTubers like Chester See and iJustine, details the many features that YouTube believes will put digital video on a new level. Such features include the “welcome video” that plays for viewers who are not subscribed to your channel. The new design seems to focus largely on bringing in new viewers and eventually convincing them to subscribe.


It’s a different approach for YouTube to take, especially as many creators have recently begun weighing in on the key differences between subscribers and actual fans, a difference that has changed how these creators produce and market their content.

So far, the biggest complaint coming from YouTube creators in regards to the new channel design is the lack of customization. Interestingly (or intentionally), YouTube decided to include a clip in the announcement video highlighting the “customizability” of the design. “The thing I like is there is a lot more you can do. There is a lot more customizability,” says Mike Lamond (HuskyStarcraft) in the video.

Deliberate or not, YouTube is sending a message to those unhappy with the loss of side banners and large headers by seemingly saying, “Hey, this guy loves it. You should too.”


If you’re interested in diving into YouTube’s new channel design, which features scalability across all mobile devices, a Google+ reminiscent header and more options for listing videos, click here to check it out.

The new design isn’t mandatory for all users yet, so make sure to say goodbye to your old channel while you still have time.

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