YouTube Co-Founder Chad Hurley Teases Rival Collaboration-Geared Video Site


Following in the steps of Gizmodo and AdWeek, I’ll be naming some of YouTube’s rivals when reporting this story. Here goes: YouTube has had its fair shake of competitors over the years, Netflix and to name a few. Now, YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley is throwing his hat (I’m imagining it had a huge feather) into the ring.

Hurley teased the new venture at a panel with Digg founder Kevin Rose, saying, “I wish [SXSW] was a month later because I could unveil the new product.” Although “new product” sounds eerily reminiscent of a super villain unveiling a death ray, Hurley assured the world he is on the up and up. About the new site, Hurley said it would be “primarily video-based … and gives flexibility for people to work together and create content.”

Hurley’s newest project seems to focus on the collaborative nature of online video, but don’t call it a YouTube killer yet. Hurley explained, “We’re not setting up to [kill YouTube] — now.” The YouTube co-founder also added: “there’s always going to be a place for YouTube.”

Via AdWeek