YouTube Expands Partner Program To Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE


Google announced today that they will be extending their Partner Program into Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) because of the increase in YouTube views from those regions. The YouTube Partner Program allows creators to earn money off of their videos while also providing them with tools for bettering their video content and building a solid fanbase.

“YouTube has seen dramatic increases in Egypt,” states Strategic Partners Development Manager, Middle East and North Africa  Haisam Yehia. “Opening up the YouTube Partner Program in Egypt is a great step to help content creators develop their skills and provide original local content.”

The Partner Program is free for all users and is as easy as clicking on the blue monetization window under the YouTube settings. As a part of this program creators have the opportunity to earn money from the advertisements placed before or during the featured video, which has become a huge incentive for creators to not only join the program but also remain consistent with their uploads. By extending this Partner Program into these three Middle Eastern countries, the Partner Program is hoping to encourage more original content that viewers from these areas will feel a connection with.


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