YouTube Gets Into the Harlem Shake Game With Sweet Easter Egg


Need more proof that YouTube is owned by Google?

Go to the video site and type in “do the Harlem Shake” in the logline — just make sure you have your speakers turned down and your seizure medication handy.

At first, the little YouTube logo up in the corner starts a-dancin’ (yes, a-dancin’) and the music is blaring (much to the annoyance of your co-workers who will all scream out, “That trend’s over ass-wad!”), then the bass drops and your whole screen — thumbnails, descriptions, hey, even the shit on the side, is moving and shaking to the beat.

According to the L.A. Times, the Easter egg was revealed on Twitter by Hunter Walk, a product manager at YouTube and Google. “Oh, YouTube has always been good with the Easter Eggs,” he tweeted and then posted a link to the Easter egg. Well, if they’ve been so good with the damn Easter eggs, how come this is the first we’ve heard of it? And how come they created this so late into the trend? Where are the answers to those questions, YouTube boy?

Still cool though; thanks for the reveal.

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