YouTube MC Street Light Hits Venice Beach For A Freestyle Frenzy [EXCLUSIVE]


Back in the 70s when martial arts master Bruce Lee was filming the now legendary “Enter the Dragon,” a young extra decided to see what Lee was made of. Tapping his foot on the ground (a sign that you were challenging someone), the extra taunted Lee, claiming that he could beat him in a fight. Being a badass, Lee accepted the challenge and promptly swept the extra, dropped a knee into his chest and punched him in the face repeatedly. The fight ended, and Lee maintained his status as one of the world’s best martial arts experts.

I am recounting this story to prove a point, which is this: When you’re on top, people everywhere are going to try and take you down to build their own name up. As a master of your craft, you’ve got to constantly be practicing and honing your skills in the event that some young punk wants to take a shot at you. This way, as Lee did back in 1973, when the gauntlet is thrown down, you’re ready to start kicking chests and punching faces (metaphorically in most cases).


In the world of freestyling, rapper and YouTuber Street Light is at the top of his game. Holding the world record for longest freestyle rap (13 hours), Street Light is surely in the crosshairs of many young MCs looking to come up. As a world record holder, Street Light must always be prepared to take on any rapper throwing down a challenge, hence our trip to Venice Beach.

To hone the young rapper’s skills, we challenged Street Light to freestyle about any topic that the parade of weirdos and tourists on Venice Boulevard could come up with. As you can see from the video above, if you’re planning on challenging Street Light to a battle anytime soon, you’re in for a world of pain.