Live Stream YouTube App Coming Soon to Tablets & Smartphones


YouTube is hungry for that “live stream” d …

In a bid to become that much more omnipresent and useful, YouTube has just unfurled news of the forthcoming ability for people to publish live stream content to their channel from their smartphones and tablets.

While the news of this new option was just released at the Game Developers Conference, and tied in to the “millions and millions of views” gameplay videos people upload for, say, “Call of Duty: Black Ops II,” this Application Programming Interface can be applied to more than just video games. Virtually, this paves the way for me to never have to buy tickets to a concert again — I can just watch it in real time via thousands of fans smartphones, and then buy a t-shirt from a bootlegger in the parking lot.

The live stream feature was first released by YouTube in 2011, and then, only available to a handful of creators, but now, YouTube is set to make a mint off all the live content that will doubtlessly be uploaded by dads singing “Happy Birthday” to their kids in real time as they are away on a “business trip” in Thailand.           

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