[UPDATE] YouTube Scrubs Another 2.5 Billion Views From Universal Music, Now Left With Only 584,312 Views

[UPDATE (3/29/13 11:07AM PST)] According to theAtlanticwire.com: “Billboard’s Alex Pham reports the reason the views disappeared, mostly, is because of Vevo.

“The company recently decided to remove view counts for videos that are no longer live on the channel, or so-called ‘dead videos,'” Pham explains. “For Universal and Sony, that meant thousands of music videos that over the past three years slowly have migrated to the VEVO channel, which is jointly owned by the two companies.” Vevo is the music video-specific channel on Youtube started in conjunction with the record companies back in 2009. So, because all the music videos the companies used to host on Youtube are now under the Vevo umbrella, their views don’t count anymore. They happened, sure. They just count somewhere else now.” Hmm, I still think it’s the secret crush thing ….

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 10.22.39 AM

So this just happened …

In classic grade school-style gossip drama, YouTube just removed 2.5 billion views from the Universal Music Group channel, only neither side will talk about it.

Of course, Universal claims the views are being scrubbed from “dormant accounts,” but other reports are coming in that the views were pulled from high-profile artists like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. This isn’t the first time it has happened either — back in February, YouTube pulled 3 billion views from Universal, so the speculation has turned to the idea that Universal is engaged in buying bots from sites like Pimp my Viral or Crazy Habib’s House of YouTube Bots (okay, that last one is fake). Not surprisingly, YouTube has decreed the use of bots to be illegal.


Purchasing “bots,” basically artificial views by the thousands, is one of those practices that is rumored to be at the forefront of many celebrity-based social media campaigns. But Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are ranked number one and number two on Twitter as well — why would they need to buy fake fans … oh wait …

I am going to advance a different theory here — I think, maybe, just maybe, like that grade school drama I mentioned earlier, maybe YouTube has a crush on Universal Music and YouTube doesn’t know how else to show it? Time will tell, but my money is on the two of them sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

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