YouTube Users Can Vote For 2013’s Netizen of the Year Award

For several years in a row now, YouTube and Reporters Without Borders have celebrated internet users who have fought for freedoms in their countries despite their governments’ attempts to stifle dissent and freedom of expression. The Netizen of the Year Award is given annually to an online dissident who has contributed to the defense of freedom of expression in their country and around the world.

Now, for the first time ever, YouTube announced on its blog that its users can select who they want to win this year’s Netizen of the Year Award. Users can select from nine “netizen” nominees who hail from Buglaria, Egypt, Honduras, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mali, Russia, Senegal and Vietnam from now until March 7, when Reporters Without Borders will announce the winner. The winner will receive the award at a ceremony at Google’s Paris offices on March 12.

YouTube has been at the forefront of activism and citizen journalism for many years now and has also been critical as a platform in exposing the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement to a global audience. Last year, YouTube launched Citizentube, which aggregates news, political and social content on the video-sharing site.

You can vote for the Netizen of the Year Award right here.

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