YouTube Visited Weekly by 93% of Teens, Facebook Trails at 65% New Study Says

According to reports from BuzzFeed and a poll taken by IPSOS MediaCT and Wikia, 93 percent of people ages 13-18 check YouTube weekly, eclipsing long-time reigning teen-driven site Facebook by over 25 percent. In additon, of all 1,203 teens polled, every one said they were online for at least one hour each day.


It’s a new dawn for YouTube with more and more teens spending every waking moment on the video-sharing site. As teens drift further away from Facebook due to a series of poor advertising initiatives and promoted post nepotism, YouTube will continue to reap in those disenchanted weekly views.

So what does this mean for YouTube creators? As with any spike in viewership statistics, YouTubers must adapt to the ever-changing YouTube landscape. Take Smosh for instance: Now owned by Alloy Digital, the biggest name in digital teen content, Smosh has risen to become the most-subbed channel on YouTube by appealing to that booming 13-18 year old audience.


As much as we might hate to admit it, YouTube is the land of the adolescent. The simple fact is that content angled towards that 13-18 year old demographic is going to thrive most on YouTube. Looking at networks now, the most popular MCNs on YouTube are those that provide teen-oriented content — Maker Studios, Machinima, etc.

It’s hard to say whether or not older age groups will soon sail away from Facebook’s polluted shores. Until then, YouTube will remain like so many shopping malls spanning the globe — full of angsty teenagers.

Via BuzzFeed

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