YouTube’s Alex Day Beats Justin Timberlake on iTunes on Album’s Release Date


Having interviewed Alex Day shortly before his latest album “Epigrams & Interludes” came out, I feel confident in saying “This chap is a lot savvier than I gave him credit for.” And since I already gushed about his work ethic and talent then, I can say that is a pretty decent compliment. He’s a lot better than “good” though I guess is what I am trying to say. He might even be great.

Alex, whose album dropped on March 17th, debuted at #8 on the iTunes Albums chart — putting him one spot ahead of Justin Timberlake. The feat is more impressive even when you consider that Timberlake has a phalanx of PR flaks running pell mell, making sure his stuff is golden. Alex Day basically has … Alex Day. The chap (he’s British, so it applies) is not signed to any record label, and this is his first album release inthree years. So how the hell did he do it?

Ohh, just a little thing called social networking (and talent!). When I first started writing for NMR, I was a doomsday prophet in regards to the whole world of social media. I said, “This thing’s got no future, and I might as well get a seat in first class if this baby’s going down.” Lo and behold, I quickly changed my tune when I began to witness (and write about) the sheer talent that exists in all of social media’s glorious formats. From the hilarity of “One Little Hand” on Tumblr to the pithy platitudes of Rob Delaney on Twitter, clearly this mofo has got some serious legs. And Alex Day might have just shown that its legs are made of gold and that they can jump over skyscrapers in a single bound. Okay, maybe that is a stretch, but it does feel good to see some definite proof that this social media world is what NMR said it would be: the future of everything.


Image courtesy of TechCrunch

Congrats from NMR, Alex, on all your success. We said it then, and we’ll say it again: We can’t wait to see what you do next! To everyone else, be sure to check out our recent interview with Alex below:

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