1.5 Million+ Viewers Tune in To Learn ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’ [VIDEO]



Sometimes, we in the creative content business get so caught up by the bright lights and dazzling spectacle of big-ticket, computer-effects driven YouTube magic, we forget that simplicity plays hardball.

Check out this video from creator “MisterEpicMann” of a grown-ass man showing us how animals eat. Not only do I get the impression that this IS how the named animals eat, I about peed my pants laughing at the idea of it (I’m taking salt pills though, so it might just be that …). I am actually afraid to go to the zoo now for fear of being let down though.

The bottom line is though, if these two chaps with plates of lettuce set up on cardboard boxes can get over a million and a half views (and monetize it!) for something as simple and terrific as this idea, well, clearly, we’ve all got to step our game up — or down … whatever, just adjust accordingly.

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