14 YouTube Channels’ Creators You Should Know [INTERVIEWS]

Trevor Moran


Remember that kid who filmed himself in Apple Stores dancing to music? Yep, that’s Trevor, the 14-year-old that started off his YouTube career with videos of himself making high-pitched chipmunk voices. Fast forward a few years later, and he has over 100 thousand subscribers and was even on the show “X-Factor” for his infamous “Sexy and I Know It” performance. His channel boasts almost 12 million views, and he hopes to add to that with a new single titled “See You Never” which will be released at the end of the month. “I think my fans like me for my personality and that I never give up.” How does he keep his fans engaged? “I read everything and make sure my fans know that by favoriting their tweets and responding to their messages.”

At Playlist Live, Trevor would “take thirty seconds with each fan and make them feel like he’s their friend.” His message to all of his fans: “I don’t want to be 15 minutes of fame. I just want them to stick with me because I will give back. If they give to me, I will give back!”

Jess Lizama (left) and Miya (right)


Jess and Miya both started their careers on YouTube from very different backgrounds. Jess started doing sketch comedy back in 2009. She was originally pursuing a career in pharmacy, but saw the draws and perks of being on YouTube. She soon shifted her content towards vlogs and beauty and now boasts over 160 thousand subscribers on her channel. “I like to stay genuine to keep my fans coming back. It’s also important to stay present and to have a voice. YouTube is so saturated, so it’s very important that your content stands out from the rest. It’s also important to collaborate with overs. I got over 10 thousand new subscribers from one collaboration alone!” As a single mother, Miya wants to help young women through her channel. “I want to create a positive image and be a good influence to my fans. I stay grounded so that my fans can really connect with me.

Together, Jess and Miya have recently partnered up to create a new series called “Hapa Hour,” which will cover lifestyle, beauty, fashion, fitness and relationships. They released their first episode a week after Playlist Live (coincidentally a year after they first met), so make sure you check it out here.

Landon Austin


Landon studied business in school and worked at State Farm after he finished as an insurance salesman. “I hated my job. I left it and became a valet; I parked cars. I did that so I could pursue my passion, which is music.” He gave the YouTube thing a shot after seeing the potential. “I emailed 50 people to see if anyone wanted to collaborate with me. Only one person replied — Luke Conard.” The night he released his collab with Luke, his subscriber base instantly jumped by 8 thousand.

Landon has continued pumping out great music, and one of his songs was even retweeted by Taylor Swift. “It may take 10 to 15 years, but people will really start to realize the power of YouTube very soon if they haven’t already. It’s been a way to build an audience and to get the ball rolling.” Landon now boasts over 100 thousand subscribers and is currently on tour in North America.

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