15-Year-Old Girl Argues Against Gun Control in 1.5 Million-Viewed Viral Video

Just before Maryland’s General Assembly voted on a gun-control bill in March — which they eventually passed, a 15-year-old girl passionately spoke out against the proposed bill in a video by the Maryland Minute Men that has gone viral on YouTube in recent days with more than a million views.

The girl, who is not identified, argued against the bill not only because it would affect her chances of getting a college scholarship for her shooting abilities, but also because she feels that people who kill people are the problem, not guns.

She went further, arguing that the proposed gun-control bill will disproportionately hurt lower income neighborhoods prone to higher levels of crime: “The majority of gun violence occurs in low-income neighborhoods. Raising the overall cost of owning a gun through higher licensing and registration fees denies the ability of low-income individuals to protect their self against the crime focused in the areas they live in.”

Do you find her arguments justified? See her full explanation of Maryland’s gun-control in the viral video above.

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