2 Million YouTubers Tune in To ‘The Simpsons’ Viral ‘Breaking Bad’ Couch Gag [VIDEO]



The Simpsons” are trending on YouTube with the opening “couch gag” off their latest episode — a spoof on the AMC series, “Breaking Bad.” The video is trending because the showrunners have resorted to the old “Hail Mary” play of referencing something more popular than themselves. This clip, in effect, breaks my heart.

I grew up with “The Simpsons” — hell, we all did. I had a hard time admitting that the glory days were over, but I managed, and you will too. What was great about “The Simpsons” was that they lampooned our fascination with popular culture — now they resort to wooing pop culture and basking in its glow. Similar “couch gags” have gone viral — including ones where the Springfield-ites sing a Kesha song, Katy Perry guests a la “The Muppet Show” and, best amongst them, Banksy created one showing the likely backstory behind the creation of each episode.

Don’t get me wrong — it’s fun to see the Simpsons do “something.” They’re seeking a change and that is an enormous positive. And “Breaking Bad” is a good, fun show. But for “The Simpsons” to shamelessly whore themselves out to pop culture plugs for hopes at relevancy — well, I wish I could say they are better than that — because they used to be …

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