‘Airplane’: New Ad For ‘Facebook Home’ Sucks Worse Than ‘Chairs’ [VIDEO]



A swing and a miss …

Facebook maybe needs to think about changing up its advertising company. The new ad for their “Facebook Home” feature for Android phones is so generically bad, it’s awful. There is no kitsch appeal for this mundane mess of imagery, just cats, drag queens and something about something involving technology. If I hadn’t set out to write a review of the new Facebook ad, I would have been clueless as to what the ad was trying to sell me.

Facebook Home, by the way, is a new feature from the media company that basically allows Facebook to “take over” your phone and make it one big interactive scrolling tool for your images and words. At least, I think that is what they are trying to say it does … I just remember the drag queens.

This ad smacks of the desperation that Facebook is feeling as it continues to hemorrhage younger users to pithier, less desperate-appearing social forums. I just imagine some young hipster-type slapping her or his hands together and saying, “Okay, what is the next wave of ‘cool’?” I don’t know what cool is, but, baby, this ain’t it. Somehow it actually manages to be worse than their other much-maligned ad titled simply, awfully, “Chairs.”

And lest you think I am some lone “hater,” here are some delightful screengrabs from the YouTube channel for this ad (though in fairness, many people did like the song in the ad):

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 11.43.22 AM

Look, I’m a nut for advertising — it was what I majored in … I want to like most ads, I root for them. But this sucks, and Facebook is better than that. Or if they aren’t, well, I’ll take my talents to Tumblr. They don’t even give enough of a damn about my business to make ads, and I crave that sort of non-acceptance.

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