AJ Rafael Breaks Into iTunes’ Top 20 Pop Albums With ‘Beautiful Escape’ EP


YouTube superstar and NMR friend AJ Rafael just dropped his latest EP “Beautiful Escape” this morning and it’s already broken into the top 20 Pop Albums charts on iTunes.

The singer retweeted an image sent by a fan that shows “Beautiful Escape” at the number 18 spot on iTunes’ Pop Albums charts after breaking into the top 20 hours before its midnight release.


Rafael posted a photo of “Beautiful Escape” reaching the charts on his Instagram account, saying: “Officially in Top 20 Pop Albums 2 hours before midnight! Thank you all for buying the EP. It means so much. #BeautifulEscapeEP // feeling so blessed right now…”

His EP is also doing well in the Philippines, where Twitter user @AJRafaelPH said it’s in the number 2 spot on iTunes in that country.

Overall, “Beautiful Escape” is currently at number 117 on the iTunes Albums charts.

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