AJ Rafael Talks Making Videos That Relate At Berklee’s ‘YouTube Hack Day’ [VIDEO]

YouTube sensation AJ Rafael is one of many distinguished alumni hailing from Berklee College of Music, where YouTube duo Karmin and K-pop sensation Psy also studied contemporary music.

Last month, Rafael went back to Boston to speak and judge video submissions as part of the college’s “YouTube Hack Day” in collaboration with YouTube. Students spent the weekend learning and understanding what it means for a video to go viral and then went out and made their own soon-to-be-viral videos, which were judged by Rafael and two other YouTube experts.

During one of these events, Rafael talked about how to make YouTube videos relatable to audiences as well and then performed a few songs with friend and recording artist Alyssa Bernal. He said family experiences, first love and other life-changing events helped shape his music and videos.

See AJ Rafael speak and perform to Berklee College students in the YouTube video above.

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