Australian YouTubers Fined Thousands For Kidnapping Video Prank

File this one under “I can’t believe they thought this was a good idea.” Australian comedy group NEFE, known for their series of insanely dangerous pranks, recently received the smackdown from the Perth Magistrate, whom I imagine was wearing a powdered wig and probably pretty drunk.

Last year, the geniuses of NEFE decided to pull a kidnapping prank in which a bound and half-naked young man jumped from a car in the middle of a busy intersection. Of course, like the respectable followers of common laws they were, people flipped out and the police were called. After it was revealed that the “kidnapping” was a prank, officials obviously were, as they say in Australia, cheesed off.

NEFE members Stefan Caramia, Andrew Storey and Thomas Watts individually were ordered in court to pay $1000 fines and an additional $322, which covered the costs of the police operation.

Although the YouTubers explained that the prank was not meant to harm anyone, Chief Magistrate Stephen Heath explained in court, “I accept that was not your intention, but in this case a member of the public accepted what they saw on face value.”

Caramia was interviewed and offered this bit of wisdom: “It was born out of good humor, mateship and boredom — not out of malice.” I say you let him off the hook for successfully using the word “mateship.”

Moral of the story: Don’t fuck with Australia. They have both Crocodile Dundee and kangaroos.


Via Au Yahoo 

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