AVbyte: Creating Musical Parody Videos Beyond Compare [YouTube NextUp Creator Profile Series]


AVbyte might be the most original YouTube channel I’ve seen since EpicMealTime irrevocably destroyed any chance that animal and man may live in harmony one day.

Parodying songs or movies isn’t Antonius and Vijay of AVbyte’s style. No, the duo have taken the popular musical parody genre on YouTube and ramped it beyond anything that’s ever been done before. Musicals are these guys’ speciality, and I’ll be damned if they’re not killing it week after week.

You might remember AVbyte from their viral hit “Hipster Disney Princess – The Musical.” With it, the crew at AVbyte took a popular meme, spinned it into a musical that was uploaded on YouTube that became a viral hit of an already viral hit. Yeah, meta as all hell.

I spoke with the duo about their totally original channel and the best tips for writing my own musical. Check out the interview belowwwwwww (please imagine I sang all that beautifully).

 You guys write musicals about everything. It is such a funny idea, but so original, where did it come from?

Antonius and Vijay: We were both raised in a musical family. I, Antonius, am a pianist, and Vijay used to play the cello. Vijay eventually decided to become a filmmaker, and I started composing and writing for theatre. We were also both extremely big fans of so many YouTubers and of the YouTube community that we decided to put our skills together and give it shot ourselves on YouTube.

Name your favorite musicals of all time on the count of three. 1…2…3….

“West Side Story,” “An American in Paris,” “Singing in the Rain!”

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