AVbyte Gives ‘Game of Thrones’ the Musical ‘Disney Touch’ [VIDEO]


AVByte need to be ruling Broadway. Or at least the internet’s version of Broadway — which might just be YouTube, so … good job, AVByte. With their composer/filmmaker skills, the brothers Vijay & Antonius Nazareth have finally transcended what is visually and audibly good in YouTube to become great with their “Game-of-Thrones-as-done-by-Disney” music video.

Featuring the incredibly talented duo of Elizabeth Oldak and Peter Hollens (who NMR was fortunate enough to score an interview with — coming soon), this video makes me want to throw down my popcorn and give my computer screen a standing ovation (yes, I eat popcorn in the office). And to think, it was almost not to be:

“I had never sung in front of anyone before, but joining choir in high school absolutely saved me. Little did I know that one decision would drastically change my life forever,” says Peter in his NMR profile.

This is one of those vids where everything comes together to make you excited about the possibility of what comes next. I’ve already seen much of Peter Hollen’s work and of course, most everything AVbyte does, but now I’ve got a new star to watch out for in Elizabeth Oldak.


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