Badass Fighter Pilot Sends Brother Wedding Message From Skies Over Afghanistan [VIDEO]



Wouldn’t it be crazy if I was all angry about this video of a fighter pilot sending his brother and sister-in-law a taped message of endearment from the skies over Afghanistan because he was wasting my taxpayer dollars?

I feel there are a few touchy things you can joke about, but military guys making touching videos isn’t one of them. Yes, I’m sick of “surprise arrival” videos from soldiers returning from the battlefield to surprise their kids and loved ones (see, I told you you can’t can’t joke about it), but seriously, it’s nice to see a military guy bring something fresh to the genre.

Now this fighter pilot’s message is beautiful. It’s novel, it’s touching and “Mandy” seems like she could be a little fox — hopefully, we find out. Of course, I shouldn’t say it, but it kind of grosses me out that the pilot speaks in the video. He speaks through his respirator, and it is that sort of halting Darth Vader thing. I get the vibe that it sounds like my old uncle in an iron lung asking me to wheel him into the bathroom. The cards with accompanying background music are enough pal, don’t oversell it.

Man, you really can’t joke about this stuff, can you?

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