Barack Obama Stars As ‘Daniel Day Lewis’ Starring As Barack Obama in Steven Spielbergs ‘Obama’ [VIDEO]

So good ol’ Barack Obama is apparently determined to become the first “social media president.” And, well, he might have just pulled it off.

Teaming up with his buddies Steven Spielberg and Tracy Morgan, Obama just released his own “making of” video for the upcoming Steven Spielberg film, “Obama.”

Following on the heels of “Lincoln,” Spielberg “reteams with Daniel Day Lewis,” who pulls off such a perfect Obama that you won’t even recognize him for being a tall, white English fellow. No, the conceit here is that Day Lewis can so fully disappear into his roles, that it is only natural for him to look more like Barack Obama than even Barack can. Because it is actually Barack Obama playing Daniel Day Lewis playing Barack Obama, if I didn’t make that clear. Also, for added chuckles, Tracy Morgan is Joe Biden.

Granted, there’s a certain amount of “Hey, Obama, stop making funny videos and fix this goddamn country already” emotion while watching this, but a larger part of me is delighted to see a president being “cool.” We haven’t had anyone with a hip appeal in the White House since Bill Clinton’s first term. And Obama was so stiff in his first term, I was like, “I guess this guy is down with the youngsters …” but I never really felt it. To be fair, I still don’t, really — his acting isn’t great, but so what? The guy’s trying and he’s more than willing to poke fun at himself.

So what if I’m struggling to pay off my student loans? At least I’m having a laugh while doing it.

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