Beta Test Alert: You Can Now Link YouTube to Your Google+ Account

I love the idea of beta testing — you are like a tech pioneer out exploring the uncharted forests of some new innovation. Who knows what kinds of glitches or easter eggs you might find (what if they involve nudity?!)?

With that being said, YouTube is cordially inviting you to merge your Google+ account with your YouTube account. We all knew this was coming, right?

The benefits of doing so will be that you can have multiple page managers (no more “one account to rule them all” type stuff), you can have live stream Google Hangouts on your page, you can manage multiple accounts with a single login and you get to choose any name for your channel and page. And if that still doesn’t sell it, you also get a spiffy YouTube tab for your Google+ page (that’s right, Jeff, just reel them in). Plus, they make some sort of claim about video quality (mumble, mumble, mumble).

I know this all seems too good to be true, but visit the YouTube Creator blog if you don’t believe me. Otherwise, follow the steps below to unlock this new achievement in intra-company synchronicity.


To get started:

1. Your channel’s Google account must first have a Google+ profile on the account to start this process. If you don’t have a profile on your channel’s account, go and create a profile with your name (not your channel’s name).

2. If you have an existing Google+ page to which you’d like to link your channel, add your channel’s Google account as a manager of the corresponding page (instructions). If you don’t have an existing page, you can create a new one in the linking process.

3. On YouTube, go to your advanced account settings, and click “Connect with a Google+ page (beta).” From there you’ll see a number of options:

– Link with a new Google+ page
– Link with an existing Google+ page that your channel’s google account owns or manages
– Link with a Google+ profile instead of a page

4. Select a linking option, follow the instructions, and you’re done!

See, not so bad at all, right? And to think you were worried ….

If you’ve made it this far, perhaps you’re willing to go a little bit further (ooh how Matrix, right?) — check out this other bangarang article about Google+ and YouTube linking up.

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