Big Frame Launches ‘Writing Room’ Series To Pair Hollywood Producers With YouTube Musicians

The public is obsessed with singing competitions. “Britain’s Got Talent,” “American Idol,” “The Voice” — we just can’t get enough of following those diamonds in the rough as they follow their voices to the spotlight. So it was really only a matter of time before YouTube wanted in on the action, and now it has.

Today Big Frame released the first episode of its brand new web series “Writing Room” that will be hosted by YouTube musician Dave Days. Each episode of the show will pair an established  YouTube musician with a Hollywood producer to write, produce and record an original song together. “Collaborations on YouTube are the best way to grow your audience. With ‘Writing Room’ we’re taking collaboration to the next level to help these artists create original music that could, quite possibly, become a number one song,” said host Dave Days.

The first episode released today features musician Alex G and producers Nick Bailey and Ryan Ogren, who have previously worked with musicians such as Austin Mahone and Chris Wallace, and takes viewers through the process of songwriting from start to finish. Other musicians to be included in the project will be SimpleSpoons, Chris Thompson, Meghan Tonjes, Nikki Phillipi,  Jake Broido, Rachel Talbott, Lana Mckissack and Sean Malone. The final track created from each episode will be available for download on Google Play, Amazon and Topspin, and a collected album featuring all ten tracks will be released at the end of the season.